Complete Solutions for Mass Transfer

  • Global network of sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities
  • Experienced application expertise to provide:
    • - Engineering services
    • - Mass transfer equipment design/supply
    • - Column revamp solutions for capacity and efficiency improvements
    • - Feasibility and detail revamp studies
    • - Process simulations & CFD Modeling

GTC Mass Transfer Products

  • Conventional Trays
  • High Performance Tray Technology – GT-OPTIM™Trays
  • All Kind of random packing
  • Conventional and High Capacity Structured Packing
  • High Performance Internals
  • Separation Equipment

AMA GTC Services

  • Installation & replacement of all GTC equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Turnkey installation packages
  • Fast track replacement services
  • Full Hardware support during Installation or T/A
  • Site Supervision Services

GTC References­ ‐ Significant Projects

  • World’s largest Crude Tower (grassroots): 10,100mm (Takreer)
  • Large Crude Tower (revamp) 8,100mm (GSC)
  • World’s largest Vacuum Tower (revamp): 15,240mm (GSC)
  • World’s largest FCC Main Fractionator (grassroots): 11,500mm (Takreer)
  • World’s largest Aromatic Toluene Column Revamp: 6,700mm (GSC)
  • World’s largest PTA dehydration tower (titanium material): 7,600mm (XLP)
  • World’s largest hydrocracker main fracHonator: 10,000mm (Saudi Aramco)