Project Services

  • Projects team is key in offering customers solutions on a lump­‐sum turn­‐key (LSTK) basis
  • Team is deployed on­‐site, to handle complete project management and execution
  • Scope of some of the key projects:
    • Installation and commissioning of Process Equipment
    • Machine installation, commissioning and relocation (including foundation civil work)
    • Piping works
    • Installation of industrial equipment (static and rotating)
    • Turnaround (Shut­‐down) projects

AMA Advantage:

  • Timely response to unanticipated requirements during shut­‐down
  • Hardware fabrication (In-house machine shop)
  • Beams, angles, supports, clamps,rings
  • Specialized technical staff under OEM Supervision
  • Projects team is key in offering customers solutions on a lump­‐sum turn­‐key (LSTK) basis
  • Team is deployed on­‐site, to handle complete project management and execution

Turn Around Projects ­‐Capabilities:

  • Equipment Installation & Replacement (Heat Exchanger, Column Internals)
  • Shutdown Support­ ‐ Maintenance Services
  • Hardware and Spares
  • On-­site Balancing and Diagnostics
  • Pumps and Valves maintenance
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Machining and Tooling

Maintenance Service –Column/Distillation Tower:

Installation & Replacement Service
  • Conventional trays/High Capacity Trays
  • Random/Structured Packing
  • Distributors
  • Inlet devices
  • Collectors and Chimney Trays
  • Support arrangements and hold down grids
  • Demister Pads/Coalescer
  • Reactor Internals
  • Piping

Projects & Services List

Services Projects Workshop
Balancing - Diagnostics Turn - Around Projects Machining
Machine Install & Comm Heat Exchanger Maint Turing(Lathe)
Calibration & Maint Pumps/Valves Services Milling
Training Process Equipment Surfacing
Field Balancing & Vibration Monitoring Coumn/Vessel Internals Replacement Grinding/Shapping
Electro - Mech Equip. MRO Structured/Random Packing Design & Reverse Eng.
Motors Demisters Fabrication
Compressors All Internals Hardware All Metal Parts & Forms
Generators Steam Conservation Welding (Tig, Arc)
Ind. Machine Maintenance Survey Small Vessels, Tanks
Ind. Machine Install & Reloc Installation New Traps Piping (Mod, New)

Maintenance Services

Services Capabilities
  • Complete Pump Maintenance incl. Complete Disassembly, Inspection including non-destructive testing and precision dimensioning
  • installation and commissioning
  • Mechanical repair and parts replacements
  • Specialist alignments
  • Impeller and shaft balancing
  • Motor Rewinding and testing
  • Pump hydro testing
  • Field service support and on-site trouble shooting
  • Site Pick-up and Delivery Within eastern region
  • Shop fabrication
  • On site assembly, repair and modifications
  • Online leakage repair
  • Non- Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Hydro testing
  • Bolt torqueing
valves, Repairs, Overhauls and testing
  • Complete maintenance incl. disassembly, inspection and testing for CV and PSV
  • installation & Commissioning
  • Mechanical repair and parts replacements
  • Overhaul including lapping, chroming as needed
  • Vibration analysis and field balancing
  • Field service support and on-site troubleshooting
Balancing and Vibration Monitoring
  • Complete Installation & Commissing
  • Maintenance & Annual Calibration, and Modernization of Universal and High-speed precision balancing machines
  • On-site balancing & vibration analysis services using Schenck's smart & mobile field balancing machines, including construction of the machine foundation
  • Training on balancing principals, control unit functionality, vibration analysis and field balancing.
Welding Wide range of materials including:
  • Carbon steels, Stainless steels, and High alloy
  • Welding procedures and welders certified to ASME and European standards
  • Capability for all types of steel incl. for exotic material
Heat Exchangers Provide services for heat exchangers with Carbon steel/Stainless steel/Bronze & Copper Tubes. Below is range of service;
  • Complete Exchanger installation and replacement
  • Pulling of tube bundles
  • Internal and external hydro blast cleaning of tubes
  • Repair and Replacement of tubes
  • Fabrication of shells
  • Pressure test